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    The Leaf Saga Continues...

    SW%20Seal.jpgAfter all that hard workto get the leaves to the curbside Thanksgiving weekend, I waited all week for the town to come suck 'em up. The disabled kid down the street told me they were scheduled to come on Dec 1st. I worked Saturday, but when I came home around 4 p.m. I saw the leaf suckers at the end of my street picking up a neighbor's pile. By now, I had a full week's worth of leaves in the front yard since my last day of yard slavery, so I whipped out my trusty leaf-blower and proceeded to blow the new leaves down to the curb with the rest of the pile. About 15 minutes later, all the town trucks started up and drove right past my house without picking up any of my leaves! There I was, standing by the roadside with a "What the f***?" look on my face while they drove right on by like I was a homeless dude carrying a "Will Work for Food" sign. It was still light out, so the only thing I could think of was either a) the leaf truck was full, or b) they were late for the UConn--Gonzaga basketball game. My next door neighbor Walt said, "they'll be back tomorrow" but the next day was Sunday and I know damn well town workers don't do Sundays. I don't care what their excuse is, all I know is that once again I relied on the town services to remove my leaves and once again they're sitting on the curbside in December. And now they're covered with snow.

    The Town of South Windsor website says they will finish the leaves on my street today. We'll see. It's cold out, and town workers chill easily. bugs%20bunny.jpgMy next course of action may be a) blow all of the leaves out into the street, b) bill the town for my time at double-time for a holiday weekend, or c) put them in the back of my truck and drop them off on the front sidewalk of the Town Hall. If the leaves aren't gone by the end of the week, I'll have no choice but to resort to Bugs Bunny tactics: "You realize this means war!"

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