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    The Commissioner's Cave-in

    NFL_network2.jpgHave you ever heard such a collective whine emanating from New England? Thousands upon thousands of Patriots and Giants fans crying, “My cable company doesn’t carry NFL Network,” and “We can’t watch the Patriots go for 16-0 against the Giants Saturday night”. Waah, waah, waah. God forbid the Patriots fans have to venture out of their house to see a game! The NFL Network has been carrying games for two seasons now, including half a dozen games this year, and the NFL hasn’t given two free kicks about who got to see their team play and who didn’t. Now all of a sudden it’s the cheatin’, spyin’ “historic” New England Patriots and Roger Goodell & Co. are falling over themselves trying to appease the Patriots fans so they can watch the game in the comfort of their recliners and the LL Bean slipper socks they got for Christmas. You want the NFL Network, Patriots fans? Sign up for DirecTV and shell out $179 for the NFL Sunday Ticket like the rest of us “out-of-market” fans! All you need is a clear view of the southern sky!

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