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    Speed Trap Exchange

    NMA.pngHere's a neat little blog from the National Motorists Association (NMA) that among other things allows people to rat out on their town cops and their speed traps. There's a part of the site where you click on your state and town, and fill out a form designating where the trap lies. I don't exactly know for sure who the NMA are (I have this vision of the NMA President sitting in his office painting ceramic eagles while listening to police radios like Henry Gibson in The Blues Brothers), but they say they've been around for 25 years fighting for motorist causes.nazifall.jpg It probably won't do you any good to call them next time you need a jump start, but there's some pretty cool stuff to check out here. One note: I went onto the site a couple of weeks ago and input a speed trap that bagged me last year, but it still hasn't been included in their database, so I don't know how frequently they update it. (P.S. The photo to the right shows Henry Gibson in his demise as the Head Illinois Nazi in the movie. There probably aren't going to be too many speed traps to nail someone for vertical speeding, but the laws of physics would dictate that this Pinto would be traveling in excess of 130 m.p.h.)

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