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    Family Watchdog

    DogHead.jpgGot an email today from one of my fans. Okay, it was my mother. She sent me a link to a website called Family Watchdog, which allows viewers to input their address and then see a map of all the sex offenders in their neighborhood. According to the email, the site was developed in by John Walsh of the TV show America's Most Wanted. No doubt this could prove vital information for protecting children and family members.

    The only concern I have is the indiscriminate nature of sites like these. I put in my address and found my neighborhood to be virtually pervert-free, which is a good thing. There was one blue square by a house near my street, and when I zoomed in on it I realized that it's the parents' house of my friend's wife. A few years back her little brother got into some trouble with an underage girl (or two). I don't know the full story, because it's not something you walk up to a person and ask, "So how's your brother's sex trial going?" The guy wasn't a deranged stalker, he was a 20-something year old kid who played in a popular local rock band that was good enough to get some radio airplay. He and his buddies started getting groupies following them, and in living the life of a rock star he ultimately made some poor choices with some underage girls. I'm not trying to make excuses for the guy, but like I said, these sites are indiscriminatory. You see his picture on the website and next thing you know you're forbidding your children to walk to school down his street, and his parents are getting eggs thrown at their house, and stuff like that.  There's a big difference between consensual sex with a 16-year-old and forcible rape (although some extremists might beg to differ.) To the site's credit, the types of crimes are color-coded and it does allow the viewer to see the "perp's" convictions. I just wonder if everyone knows the difference between 4th degree sexual battery and 1st degree rape. Maybe some definitions of the crime would be useful.   

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