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    A Pair of Jokers

    reid%20sons.jpgThings didn't go well for Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid last week. Both of Reid’s sons, 22-year-old Britt and 24-year old Garrett, were sentenced to a maximum of 23 months in prison for drug-related charges. Judge Stephen O’Neill likened the Reid household to a “drug emporium” and doubted that Coach Reid had no knowledge of his sons’ possession after police search warrants turned up drugs throughout the house. Garrett and Britt had been arrested in separate motor vehicle incidents on the same day in January, as Garrett blew threw a red light while high on heroin and smashed into another car, and Britt threatened another driver with a handgun in a road rage incident. Nice kids. Garrett had already been serving prison time, but faced new charges after his cellmate turned Reid in for offering him one of nearly 100 pills smuggled in through his rectum. It’s not clear how he got the pills in the first place, or how his rectum got to be so darn cavernous in the first place, but I do know this: I’m not a snitch, but if some drug dealer offered me a pill that he just pulled out of his ass, I’d probably turn him in too! In any event, Andy Reid’s kids have placed him in a precarious coaching position, with some including former boss Mike Holmgren calling for him to step down and resolve his family issues. Was all this a factor when the Eagles had their heads handed to them by the Cowboys this past weekend? Hard to say, but all of the negative publicity can't be a good thing.

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