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    A Blizzard By Any Other Name...

    Well, isn't this ducky. Channel 3 Eyewitness news in Hartford is have a "Name the Winter Storm" contest, where they provide you three different names to choose from for this winter storm season. Sure it's a game now, but just wait till you're up to your ass and elbows in fluffy white stuff (or worse, the heavy wet white cement stuff) and see what a kick you get out of calling the storm "Brooke" or "Destiny". I looked over the list and I don't see ANYTHING that I would call one of these storms. Here's MY list...

    A:  Amputation, as in what happens when I stick my Gore-Tex into the snow chute to unclog it.

    B:  Ballbuster, as in the two feet thick pile of slush on the end of my shovel.

    C: Cardiac, as in arrest.

    D: De-fib (see C).

    E. Euthanize (and leave my body in a snow bank).

    F. Frostbite (although I have a better word in mind).

    Get the idea?blizzard.jpg

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