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    Of Soap and Showers

    Without a doubt, it's your most vulnerable moment of the day. You're standing butt-naked and shivering on the cold tile floor of the dial%20soap%202.jpgbathroom, waiting for the shower to heat up. You notice there's no soap, so you grap the 3-Pack of Dial from under the sink. Then it begins. The pulling, the groping, the gnawing--everything Jerry Seinfeld would describe as "bad naked". Why do they do that to us? Why do they shrink-wrap the soap so tight you need a bowie knife to unwrap it, when they know all too well that unless you're Crocodile Dundee you probably don't wear your leather bowie knife strap into the shower? You know, it's easier to open up that childproof bottle in the medicine cabinet and swallow a handful of Vicodins than it is to solve that Rubik's Cube of Soap!

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