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    The Mother Lode

    I can tell it's January, two weeks after Christmas, because I'm flat broke. With my wife being out of work for 10 of the past 12 months, we had the proverbial Christmas-on-Credit this holiday season, and now it's crunch time. She gave me a most important gift for Christmas this year, a coin-counting machine. I've spent the past two days rolling coin from our collection jars--mine is an old 3 Liter bottle of Inglenook White Zinfandel, about two-thirds full of change, and hers is a giant Dale Earnhardt Jr. Budweiser bottle that was overflowing. Watching playoff football, rolling up change, and eating leftover pizza--my kind of weekend!

    piggy_bank-pink-th.jpgAltogether I rolled up 23 $10 rolls of quarters, 13 rolls of $5 dime rolls, 13 rolls of $2 nickel rolls, and 52 50¢ rolls of pennies. Also, I had 10 of those stupid $1 Pocahontas Dollar coins that the post office always gives out and nobody else in the world ever uses. All told, I walked into the bank with 4,700 pieces of eight stuffed into a canvas tote bag for deposit into my checking account, a total of $372.00. I had it all neatly stacked in this little wicker basket Red Riding Hood basket, but it weighed about 50 pounds and I envisioned the handle snapping off in the bank parking lot with 4,700 coins scattering everywhere and me running around like Super Mario trying to gather them up again. 

    The bank tellers are always so thrilled to see customers walk in with 50 pounds of change! Hopefully, there weren't too many Canadien coins and video game tokens mixed in. I'm sure they'll adjust any anomolies and deduct accordingly. I had to go to my old bank, Bank of America, because my new bank, Sovereign, said I had to write my name, address, and phone number on each roll.  Yeah, right!  The teller at BOA used the opportunity to try to get me hooked into their "Keep the Change" program, where they put all the extra change from my ATM transactions into my saving account and match it. For a promotional period, anyway, then I'm on my own. Sounds well and good enough, but then I would spend it as I went, and then what would I have left to keep myself occupied during the football games? Toenail clippers?


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