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    A Green Day

    Billiards_balls.jpgYesterday I added to my immense trophy collection by sinking the 8-Ball in a sudden death playoff match to win our Tier I APA 8-Ball divisional championship. Woo hoo! That brings my lifetime trophy total up to 10, (6 pool, 1 bowling, 1 public speaking, and 1 for winning the Dewey Decimal contest in the 5th grade.) Today it's back to the pool hall for the state quarterfinals (a.k.a. the Q-Cups) and if we win two matches our team--Rack 'n Roll--will head to the CT State APA tourney this June, where all we'll need to do is win two more matches and we're on our way to the Championships in Las Vegas this August.  Four more wins to Vegas, baby!

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