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    Schottenheimer: Worst Playoff Coach Ever?

    schottenheimer_marty.jpgHas Marty Schottenheimer ever won a playoff game? That's what got him fired from Kansas City earlier in his career--being known as Mr. One 'n Done. This time it was the New England Patriots, the team with more lives than a Cheshire Cat, that did in his San Diego Chargers. The Chargers held an 8-pt lead midway through the 4th quarter but couldn't hold off the Patriots, thanks in no small part to Schottenheimer's calling. His first gaff came with the Chargers leading 14-13, when they scored the go-ahead TD to make it 20-13. It's not an obvious gaffe, but why not go for the 2-pt conversion and try to make it 22-13, a 9-pt lead and a two score lead? Even if you don't convert, you still lead by seven points, and if the Patriots score they're going to kick for the tie instead of going for the conversion themselves.

    The next gaffe is the obvious:  Marty, what were you thinking with that challenge of the interception & fumble by your player?  Did any of your coaches even see a video replay? Of course, even if they had, they might not have been able to tell you not to do it, because you're still living in the 80's and you refuse to wear a headset. Imagine if you were driving down the field needing a FG at the end and you still had a  timeout or 1:45 on the clock. That red-flag should be a red flag to Chargers ownership on your skills as a field general, buddy.

    Did Nate Kaeding have a chance to win the game with a hurried FG in the final 8 seconds? Should Philip Rivers been given the opportunity for a quick sideline pass instead? Antonio Gates' 3-yd catch in the 2-minute drill should have never been thrown or caught with no timeouts remaining. But Rivers and Gates and Kaeding should have never been placed into that situation. If Schottenheimer was an asset and not a detriment to his team when the chips were on the table, the Chargers would be hosting the AFC Championship game next weekend and we wouldn't have to endure another week of hearing about Tom Brady's playoff prowess and Bill Belichick's "genius". 

    The broadcast booth beckons again, Marty. Maybe it's time to ask yourself if NFL coaching has passed you by.


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    While I love the fact that the Patriots won, I can't help but feel bad for Marty. I know he did a poor job, but it has to be hard. I guess as a big Red Sox fan, I always feel for the losers since we've been there so often. I told my son today that we, as Patriot fans, are just like Yankee fans. We've won a lot but still want more.
    Jan 15, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJim

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