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    One Last Screw from 2006

    For a while now, I've been aware that odd-numbered years have been better to me than even-numbered years. Superstition, yes, but who am I to argue with it? After a string of bad luck to close out 2006 including food poisoning in Vegas, getting stuck in an elevator on Chrismas Eve, and receiving the radar hook from the lovable hometown So. Windsor, CT cops, I got outta town for the New Year with the Mrs., to visit  the folks in the Rubber Capitol of the World, Dayton Ohio (OK, I made that part up.) for New Years weekend. After having a couple of great nights with some hometown folks (Jimmy, Jeff, Katie! You rock!) at a little ol' hole in the wall bar called J Allen's in downtown Dayton, we got our sorry hungover asses back on the road for the Land of Nutmeg on Jan 2, only to find out we had a slow leaking tire before we left.  Being the prudent safety person that I am, I pumped that sucker full of air and drove it 744 miles home and then rode around on it for another week before it finally went flat on the wife this morning. We brought it to Sears tonight and--lo and behold--it had a two-inch screw imbedded in it! Hey, it's just like they tell you in the ghetto---if someone sticks you with a knife, leave it in while you wait for the bus, otherwise you'll bleed to death!

    Happy New Year 2007!

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