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    Cardinal Sins

    cardinals2.GIFIt must suck to be an Arizona Cardinals fan. First, you inherit a used team from the city of St. Louis with the nickname of a bird that would probably last about thirty seconds in the Arizona heat.  Year after year you suffer in that swealtering heat, through losing season after losing season, while every attempt by management to turn the team's fortune around is about as effective as bailing the Titanic out with a Dixie Cup.

    The lowlight of your franchise comed when one of your best players, Pat Tillman, gives up a football career to go into the Marines, flies over to the war in Afghanistan, and is gunned down by his own troops.

    Finally it looks like you've got it all together. A brand new stadium, with a roof and air conditioning. A former Super Bowl quarterback in Kurt Warner. A Heisman Trophy winner waiting in the wings in Matt Leinart. Two outstanding Wide Receivers, Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald. And to top it all off, free-agent power back Edgerrin James, the former Indianapolis Colt with a nose for the end zone. You might've felt like Flounder in Animal House when he thought he was going to get laid: "Oh Boy! Oh Boy!"

    So what happens? You lose back to back games and fall into last place in your division after Warner fumbles away a sure victory over the hated Rams, that team your former city thought better of when they banished you to the desert. The officials screw you out of one last attempt to win the game by reversing a declined penalty on the final play, a call that would have given Neil Rackers a chance at a rare and record-long free-kick, instead letting the air out of your balloon by letting Marc Bulger fall on the ball. 

    I would be furious. But then again, I'm not a Cardinals fan. Woe be to you.

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