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    Paying It Forward

    So I finally have a few moments to catch up on some old links from my blogs, just to make sure they don't lead you off a cliff.

    Here's one from Professor Colin that I liked. Especially the part about walking around with a roll of quarters in your pocket to give to the homeless. It's so true. When I was in Vegas a couple of weeks ago I went to see Styx at the Luxor on my last night. On the way back I was walking toward the Strip because I didn't want to take an hour to walk to a Monorail that was going to ultimately save me ten minutes.

    There's a walkway between Excalibur and New York, New York. (And by the way, New York New York still boggles my mind every time I look at it, more than any other casino.) On that walkway there was a homeless guy--or girl--I couldn't really tell. But he/she was sitting there with a cardboard sign saying, "Please help my family."

    I'm sure it's a ploy. I'm sure the guy/girl is laughing all the way to his/her Mercedes at the end of the night, his/her only fear being exposed by 60 Minutes someday. They breed on suckers like me, I know it. That's why I was so reluctant to give, I guess, and why I waited on the walkway until no one was really looking at him/her and me. Then I walked back and handed this person a few folded dollars. I'm not even sure how much. He looked up to me and said, "Thank you, sir."  Which is more than any slot machine said to me all week.

    So maybe he/she went out and bought a bottle of booze with the money. Or maybe it helped get another hit. I don't know. But maybe he/she was being honest, and it helped her family out a bit. I'll never know, I guess. I'm just a sucker sometimes. But it truly was a lift, like Spiritual Vicatin. Like Ebenezer Scrooge after he throws his lucky coin down to some kid to go buy a turkey on Christmas Day. Try it sometime. You might feel awkward, you might feel like a sucker, but it's not your 401K we're talking about here, it's a buck or two. You might find it was the best money you ever spent.    

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