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    Almost Bit It

    Wow. What a week. So busy at work, so many things to do at home, this errand and that. Rushing from one task to the next, trying to plow through a seemingly endless list of chores during another crazy holiday season.

    Then it happened. I'm at the bank, filling out a deposit slip to cover the mortgage check. Suddenly, inexplicably, I'm overcome by a coughing, choking sensation. It doesn't go away, it just gets worse. I move toward the exit, toward fresh air, but I'm stopped in my tracks. My throat is closing up on me. I can't breathe. Can't even make it outside for air. Is this the end?

    People notice I'm having a problem. They come to help, they offer me water, they want to call 911.  Am I choking, am I asthmatic, am I having a heart attack? I can't tell them, I don't know myself, and I cannot speak. Then, finally, not as swiftly as it came upon me, it starts to slowly recede. My throat no longer feels like a straw, I can start to speak again. I can drink water, I will live another day. Some sort of reflux attack, I believe, that I will need an answer for...

    But as surely as I write this blog now, I am reminded that all the troubles and challenges in my life only exist because of life itself. Christmas is the time to remember how precious and delicate life is, and to share that remembrance with those whom we cherish the most.


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    I'm glad to hear everything turned out OK! This was a lovely post. Stay well.
    Dec 17, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterSara

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