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    My first Lamont encounter

    As a representative of the IAM (www.goiam.org) (Sorry, my link button has failed me for some unknown reason, but I heard that Chris broke the Internet, so maybe that's it.) I met Ned Lamont as I was serving as a delegate for the Greater Hartford Labor Council. 

    From time to time we get candidates to come in and address us looking for our support, and back in March (I think) Lamont came to our meeting and addressed us. At the time he seemed like any other candidate, a little green, and although he was well spoken, I personally didn't give him much chance running against an incumbant like Lieberman. We also were visited by the Green Party candidate that same evening (whose name escapes me), but I do remember that he was a truck driver.

     Lamont's main platform at the time was the same as it is now, the war in Iraq and all the lives and money it is costing our nation. That was an important message, but at the time there was a groundswell of opposition to the war, and I wanted to see that he wasn't just trying to capitalize on that sentiment. At the time of his visit, gas prices were over $3 a gallon (or pretty damn close) so when the question came up I asked him what he would do to help lower the price of gas. I know you're probably waiting for a drum roll here, but unfortunately I forgot what he said! Oh, well. I can tell you his reaction was of someone who was also appalled by the price, but at the time he didn't seem like he had given it all that much thought. But he didn't try to pass over a bullshit answer, either, which I was appreciative of.  Most of the blog sites I have been viewing have also focused on the war, but I hope everyone realizes its not the only issue.  That was one of the early knocks against the Bush administration aafter 9/11, that the American public was going to be so razzle-dazzled by the war on Terror that not enought people were going to paying attention to his domestic agenda. I don't think Lamont is falling into that pattern, but it seems he has been a little vulnerable to that criticism to date.    


    Now Wait Just a Minute...

    JJsponge.jpg  I was on the Trinity Blogger site this morning looking for everyone else's links and trying to find my own. I didn't see anything about Joey Dee but I did see "Joe Squarepants", and when I clicked on that I came to my site. I know it's probably a nickname because of the Squarespace site I'm using, but I must object! SpongeBob Squarepants is an active sponsor of Jimmie Johnson and the Lowe's Racing Team, and if you want to know what I think of Jimmie, just refer to my first Journal entry on this blog site. I would just like to say here that I am in no way related to Robert "SpongeBob" Squarepants, and this site is in no way affiliated with Jimmie Johnson or Lowes Racing, except to slam it from time to time.


    Singing meme

    So much for my dumb blog about memes. I guess they are significant after all. Maybe it's just me.



    I was just thinking about the woman in Texas that Colin tried to blog in class--what was her name? I forget at the moment. That's one think about blogs I'm not sure I like, I don't think they're necessarily tracible or searchable, unless you sift back through your computer's surfing history or you link to every site that interests you or you have a really good memory. I have a pretty good memory of some things (like telephone numbers and traumatic childhood experiences) but not about every blog site I go to. ANYWAY, I thought it was amusing, here is this woman in Texas who is probably going to receive some comments from us like she did last year, she's like a goldfish swimming in her little bowl and we're like the class of first graders standing around and gawking at her all bug-eyed...



    I'm not sure I buy into the whole "meme" concept as far as thought evolution is concerned. Certainly thoughts/ideas/concepts/trends can seem to take on a life of their own when they resonate through public forums, and no doubt we are all influenced by public opinions & perceptions to varying degrees, but to suggest that memes have a life of their own seems like a bit of a stretch.

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