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    Save the Courant, Save the World

    Newspapers.jpgSo here’s an idea. The Hartford Courant (and other newspapers) need to start thinking of ways to maintain their value of distributorship while keeping up with changing technology. If I were them, I would consider bringing in expertise from the music or motion picture production fields about mass-producing DVDs or CD-ROMs to replace one or several of the current printing presses that currently print the daily paper. This technology would have to be on a scale to replace a significant portion of the readership in a certain test market area.

    The daily paper would be formatted on computers (which it probably already is) but in a user-friendly form (like Adobe) so that it maintains the look and feel of a traditional newspaper, not the bloggy feel of courant.com. This document would not only include news stories but all of the features currently promoted by the newspaper, including classified ads, coupons, comics, sports scoreboards, obits, editorials, etc. In short, it would still look like the newspaper, but be totally sortable and linkable.

    Mo-Jo’s and columnists would submit their articles to the graphic layout experts, who would also compile info from syndicates, etc. and create a master burn copy. DVDs would then be burnt and sold/delivered just like newspapers. The benefit over surfing the web for the same information would be the ease of use and the centrality of the information. Customers would have a choice of receiving a traditional paper or the DVD, with hopes of converting them to the DVD format as time goes on.

    Old DVDs would be recyclable, capable of being shredded into pellet form and used for to create new DVDs. This technology eases the deforestation of the planet by facilitating less demand for trees, saving the rain forests and spotted owls. More trees consume greater amounts of carbon dioxide, which in turn shrinks the ozone hole and causes less occurrences of melanoma in the population. The polar ice caps refreeze, the rotational axis of the planet stabilizes, and the oceans recede, providing more beachfront property for all of us to enjoy. 

    Sounds like a plan!


    Symphony on Ice

    symphonyonice.jpgIf anyone would like free tickets to the Symphony on Ice show this Saturday at 1 p.m., please reply to me and let me know. I have 4 tickets available but I need to pick them up by Thursday, and I can't go. I think I have to donate a $10 toy for each gift, and I have a few unwrapped toys kicking around that I can donate but you might need to come up with a couple yourself. Lemme know if you're interested and maybe we can hook up, but you gotta let me know soon. First come first serve.


    More than just Friendsters

    If you go on to Friendster, scroll down to "People" and then click on the "popular" tag, and click on "more popular profiles". Up pops 4 tabbed pages of 20 profiles each, for a total of about 72 profiles. How many of them are young women? About 95%. How many are dressed in bikinis and/or posing in sexually suggestive photos? A lot. Probably half, maybe more. Keep in mind that these are the sites Friendster calls the "most popular". Maybe I'm just cynical after walking down Las Vegas Boulevard all week and having about a dozen oriental dudes trying to hand me picture cards with call girls on them every fifty feet, but this all strikes me as being oddly similar. Is Friendster really as innocent as it seems, or are there darker forces of exploitation at work here?


    Blogger Still Broke


    Ah, Vegas. The bogus-point spreads, the overinflated prices, the unabashed smut, the food poisoning, the lost luggage, the dirty rotten luck. ♪  Oh there's nooo place like HOME for the hol-i-days! ♪♪

    ...and I won't be blogging much, either!

    vegas.jpegI have one good reason why I'll be missing my first class of the semester this Monday. It's Vegas, baby! I'll be attending the National Ergonomics Conference and Expo at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas next week, where by day I will be walking around the Coliseum in toga and sandals learning the subtle differences of office chairs and  collecting squishy toys that help keep my wrists from hurting. (Don't go there...) At night I'll be crooning with Barry Manilow, schmoozing it up with Celine Dion, and zipping around the Strip like someone fuzzy bearded guy in sunglasses just threw me a set of ZZ Top car keys! So keep the faith and check up on the Blog Sea once in a while--maybe I'll get to post something--at the very least a mug shot--and I'll be back in town faster than you can say Wayne Newton. Or at least until I run out of money.  Whoops, gotta go, I think I just saw Elvis drive by...