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    I am not worthy

    I've been checking out the top 30 list from Fimoculous and these blogs basically reaffirm my deep-seated fears that my blogsite is woefully inadequate. These days I live my life with an impending sense of doom that as soon as our Blogging On class is over, I'm going to see about as much traffic on my blog site as the Siberian Expressway in January. I wish I had the graphic talent that many of these bloggers posess. I have some ideas about how to make my blog site better once this class is over (which I think will probably be the subject of my final blog assignment) but I fear I might be too comfortable writing using traditional methods to create anything that would make the top-30 of anyone's list. I think about all the other blogs out there that are probably read by a dozen people total and I wonder, what is it I want out of this? 

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    We'll keep reading you - as long as you blog. I think the way we will build readship is the 'Aldon Method,' write comments and refer them back to your blog for additional information - hopefully they will keep coming back.

    Maybe all you "want out of this" is a chance to record your thoughts and ideas and then connect them to someone in the blog world. I think I'll keep writing for that reason alone.
    Dec 11, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJim

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