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    Bigger Fish to Fry

    Hey, thanks for visiting Joey Dee's Blog Sea!!! You've reached my school journal from last fall, and I'm taking the semester off this session.  But don't go away--there's plenty of action on my daily blog, "A Slug's Life"! Music, sports, food, nonsense--it's all there! Just click on "A Slug's Life" atop the right border over there and see what's cooking! 



    State of the Square

    For my final report on this class, please see the State of the Square tab in the right hand margin. Sorry, it's a little long!  Good luck to everyone, it's been a pleasure Blogging with you in Deadwood! Come back and visit sometime!




    Transferring Journals

    Now that the Blogging On class is winding to an end, I've decided to try to keep my blog going for a while longer and do some different things with it. The first change I will be making is the location of my journal. For the time being, I will be blogging under "A Slug's Life", and while I'll keep the Blogging On journal active for the time being, I will make Slug's Life my main homepage. The link should be listed on my right-hand margin, please go there for more current posts. Thanks for visiting the Blog Sea!


    10 Things I Learned this Semester

    1.  Barbaro the Horse generates way more Internet traffic than my blog could possibly hope for.

    2.  If you're going to comment disparagingly about someone else's blog, it's best not to choose a computer hacker with 14 different Wikipedia personalities who lives only an hour and a half away.

    3.  Stay away from the sushi at all-you-can-eat buffets, even if those buffets are located at Caesar's Palace. Rome had botulism, too.

    4.  There are only 600 people who watch CBS TV on Sunday mornings. Colin McEnroe is one of them. Aldon Hynes may be another.

    5.  Political blogs may stir up interest and momentum for underdog senatorial candidates, but in the end it's the seasoned incumbant politicians who rise to the top. Like poop in water.

    6.  If I buy my father a pair of reading glasses for Christmas from Amazon.com, the company will instantly create a personal blog ("plog") for me linking me to wheelchair distributors, vaginal dryness products, a "Depends" support group, and Eons.

    7. Drinking an Aquafina Citris Twist beverage and a large Diet Pepsi from the soda fountain during class will cause me to pee an average of 3.7 times before bedtime.  If I had a plog, I would have already received literature from Avodart and WebMD concerning my condition.

    8.  Wikipedia is an excellent experiment in collectivism and digital Maoism. And if I ever use it as a reference in an academic paper, I will have a scarlet letter "W" sewn to my jacket and be cast from the campus like Hester Prynne.

    9.  No matter what I accomplish in my life, it will never be amount to anything until my name is linked in blue on Wikipedia.

    10. Never ever EVER blog about what I had for lunch. EVER!


    I am not worthy

    I've been checking out the top 30 list from Fimoculous and these blogs basically reaffirm my deep-seated fears that my blogsite is woefully inadequate. These days I live my life with an impending sense of doom that as soon as our Blogging On class is over, I'm going to see about as much traffic on my blog site as the Siberian Expressway in January. I wish I had the graphic talent that many of these bloggers posess. I have some ideas about how to make my blog site better once this class is over (which I think will probably be the subject of my final blog assignment) but I fear I might be too comfortable writing using traditional methods to create anything that would make the top-30 of anyone's list. I think about all the other blogs out there that are probably read by a dozen people total and I wonder, what is it I want out of this?