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    Bonanza Steakhouse Park


    Tears from Welker (sung to the tune of “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton)


    Would you call my name, If I saw you in heaven?

    Would I be in the game, If I saw you in heaven?

    I must play well, and please Giselle

    Cause I know I can catch the ball here in heaven.


    Would you like my route, If I saw you in heaven?

    Would you have no doubt, If you saw me in heaven?

    I’ll score a goal in the Super Bowl

    And I’ll be the game’s hero here in Heaven.


    Tom can stare you down, Tom can throw with ease

    Tom can place the ball and say catch it please, catch it please!


    Giselle will praise the way I play

    And I know there’ll be no more tears from Welker


    Would I please the coach, If he played me in heaven?

    Or be Belichick’s goat, when I flub it in heaven

    I’ll stand up tall and make the haul

    Cause I know I don’t want to bawl

    Here in heaven.



    It's Not Easy Being Green

    Are you kidding me? Someone jumped Pucky the Whale at the latest Connecticut Whale game? Dude, how many hockey sodas did you suck down before you thought that was a good idea? Let me guess: he's a Bruins fan!!!






    Guns, Guns, Guns!

    I was perusing through some political cartoons. This one gave me a laugh.



    Wherever You Are

    I just had to link to this article about Noel Turner. A former American Idol contestant, he wrote a song about the Petit Family. Haven't had a chance to listen to it yet but I will. What a nice gesture. Thanks, Dude.

     Here's the artist's description of the song:

    Wherever You Are is my feeble attempt to express the horror, anger, and devastation that I and countless others experienced upon hearing of the events that occurred to the family of Dr. William Petit in 2007. Never before had I been so inspired to write as I was that evening. I feel blessed that this song has given me the opportunity to raise awareness of violent crime in this country and also to help benefit the foundation that Dr. Petit has established in memory of his wife and daughters."

    10% of profits from sales of “Wherever Yo Are” are donated to the Petit Family Foundation. This song (and the entire abum, “No Symbols”) can be purchased from iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby. Of the proceeds, 10 percent will go to the foundation. (Reprinted from MSNBC.com)